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Kohler One Piece Toilet Seat Anchor Kit

This is a great set of seat anchor nuts for your next toilet. They come in a kit that you can also purchase separately. The kit includes all the hardware you need to create your own anchor. The kit also includes a bag ofcredits: kohler.

Kohler Toilet Seat Anchor

The kohler toilet seat anchor is a great way to keep your toilet in place while you're loading or unloaded. This anchor can help keep your toilet in its seat, and the anchor helps keep the toilet in working order.

Kohler Genuine Part 84999 Toilet Seat Anchor Kit

This is a great set of toilet seat anchor kit that includes hardware and an instruction booklet. The kit includes the hardware, an 8-1/4 inch by 11 inch. Black and white photo overview of the kit's components. You may want to view this description further to determine which components are part of the kit. If you are looking for the kit's part number, it is included without instructions. The part number is 84999. this kohler toilet seat anchor kit will help you properly fix a old model without needing any other hardware than the old piece of hardware. The kit includes just the old hardware and a new nut and bolt, making it a quick and easy way to fix a old model toilet seat. this kohler seat anchor nut kit for one piece toilets allows you to fixing the problem of poor seating position and poor fabricated form. The kit includes all hardware and includes an anchor nut, taille nut, and four screws. The kit is required for any one piece toilet. this is a toilet seat anchorkit for one piece to toilet. It includes the hardware and the kit contains the following items: - a kohler seat anchor nut - a washer and drain plug - a wasnthful of metal powder blue plastic - the kit comes with a old toilet seat - the anchor is made of metal and has a scott clamshell design the kohler seat anchor kit is a handy tool for anyone that needs to anchor a toilet seat. The kit includes the hardware and you can either use the washer and drain plug or you can use the washer and nut. The nut is required for the nutバス立長.