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Mayfair Easy Clean Toilet Seat

This Mayfair straightforward Clean toilet seat offers an easy-clean hinge that is top-quality for the home office or home from the home, this seat is manufactured from wood with biscuits as hinge components, making it durable and facile to clean. Plus, the comfortable fit and the easy-clean hinges make it a top-notch substitute for the home.

Off White Elongated Toilet Seat

This off white 15 ec toilet seat is an elongated toilet seat that changes the traditional orange and white design, it is a comfortable seat that is first-rate for anyone. This is a Mayfair elongated wood toilet seat with easy-clean hinges round white, the seat is Mayfair molded wood and renders a large detachable bowl. The seat is manufactured from high-quality wood, and the easy-clean adjustments make it uncomplicated to clean, this Mayfair wooden toilet seats are made of white plastic is never developed in difficult to clean. It renders a soft grip for comfortable use and is basic to latched, the seats are also non-toxic and have a self-cleaning system. This is a Mayfair molded wood toilet seat with easy-clean change hinges and the toilet seat is pack elongated for uncomplicated care, it is a solid wood and the toilet.