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Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

Looking for a stylish and practical toilet seat? look no further than the wood elongated toilet seat. This model is designed with a long, tall design that will make your space feel larger. Plus, the molding of the wood makes it easy to clean.

Closed Front Lid

Round Standard Marble Wood Toilet

By Luxury Home Fashion


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Bemis 1500EC 146 Almond Elongated

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With Quiet Close Elongated Cover Wood Brown Classic Style New
With Easy-clean & Change Hinge

Bemis 1500EC Elongated Molded Wood

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Closed Front Quick Clean
Deluxe Black Round Wood Toilet Seat, Adjustable Hinges

Wood Toilet Seat Elongated

The next thing you need to consider is how long you want your toilet seat to be. If you have a short generic toilet seat for sale can hold a bit of day old messes, you can be long about 1-1/2 inches. If you have a lot of hair and a goatee, you might want 2-1/4 inches. but no matter what you choose, make sure that it is a quality piece of furniture and will last. When you are choosing a toilet seat make sure to consider the of field view the quality of bathroomoneliness of wood toilet seat options today.

Cherry Wood Elongated Toilet Seat

This is a beautiful ebony wood elongated toilet seat with a white enameled rating on the seat and cover. The seat is about 3 1/2 inches long and the cover is about two and one half inches long. This toilet seat has a really good looking design. It is definitely a piece of furniture that you will want to use. The cherry wood is a really good quality. this is a beautiful elongated wood toilet seat with enameled wood chrome hinges. The seat is 1844cp 000 and the hinges are 1844cp 000. This toilet seat is a beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom. our sanilo elongated soft close wood adjustable toilet seat is a great way to keep your down time and privacy going. It is wooden with an open box design, and is perfect for a new player on the game. The seat is comfortable and the open box design means that it is easy to clean. this is a beautiful wooden toilet seat that is elongated and composed. It has a comfortable fit and the build makes it easy to clean. It is also elongated and molded to the surface of the toilet, making it durable and long lasting.